For the second part of our Summer 17 mini series, we're covering my all-time favourite topic, no matter the season: food!! You guys know I never pass up on the chance to try out a new food experience (most recently proven by my favourite açaï bowls in Antwerp and sweet potato fries in NYC), so every season I'm super curious to see what's hot & happening in the land of food and drinks. And this year is particularly exciting, since there are a lot of yummy all-natural treats that are as delicious as they are good for you - just the way I like it. So put on your breeziest (roomiest) Summer dress and get yourself ready for some tasty goodies, because first up: back-to-basics ice cream!


Summer 17 food

Summer 17 food

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I don't discriminate when it comes to ice cream: whether it comes with a marshmallow topping, cotton candy wrap or as classic fresh popsicles, I'm basically down for it. But after all the freak shake cookie dough strawberry caramel cheesecake craziness, it was only a matter of time before we all started craving something real. Enter the newest treat to order this Summer 17: back-to-basics ice cream!


Made from the purest high-quality ingredients and topped with nothing but fresh fruits or nuts, I had an almost transcendent experience (I take this stuff seriously) at Cremerie Germaine, a sweet little local ice cream shop that's set up camp dangerously close to our home. Rather than distinguishing themselves by out-of-the-box combo's the classic flavours - remember chocolate and vanilla? - are out-of-the-ordinary because of their super high quality. The owners Jan & Glenn enjoyed their training at an actual gelato university in Bologna, so if that's not dedication, I don't know what is. And yes, you taste the difference.


Even if it's not your personal favourite you cannot but try a scoop of the pistachio flavour, made from (wait for it) fresh nuts that are only harvested every 2 years, to have the best possible taste. I also had the vanilla and salted caramel, which were all delicious!

Previously: 3 amazing places to explore this Summer 17 are Ibiza, Havana, and the Japanese countryside!

Next up: the hottest DIY Summer 17 drink!

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Hey Fran! We zijn net begonnen met het aanbieden van de posts in het Nederlands, dus vanaf nu zullen alle posts die verschijnen ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar zijn, maar dat geldt niet voor posts uit het verleden. ;) xx dikke kus
Thanks so much for sharing this, it sounds like you guys have a super nice thing going on. :) All my love to your little family and and and and
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