Staying hydrated on hot sunny days is one of Summer's greatest challenges, so after our last episodes on back-to-basics ice cream and fresh donuts, it's both fun and plain sensible to find out everything about this Summer 17's coolest drink! And guess what? It's something you can easily make at home, in nothing more than your comfiest pair of cut-off shorts and a bikini top. Move over sugary sodas and old-school rosé, 'cause home brew all-natural ice tea shall finally be ours!


Summer 17 food

Summer 17 food

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I've had a thing with tea for as long as I can remember (remember my morning elixir?). Add a general obsession with refreshing drinks to that (see my homemade Brazilian watermelon lemonade), and you know that home brew all-natural ice tea sounds like pure heaven to me. But up until recently, I just wasn't able to find a variety that met all my requirements: a full flavour, no artificial add-ins, no added sugars, and - most importantly - tea bags that actually work. I can't tell you how many times I've come home with ice tea bags that promised to do their thing in cold water, but ended up doing just nothing (super frustrating to end up with plain water after hours of wishful thinking, haha). So imagine my joy when I came across the real deal!


Café Couture in Antwerp (they also have a shop in Amsterdam) has the best cold brew tea I tried so far (isn't it always such a thrill when something you've been looking for for so long suddenly becomes available in your hometown? :)). All the available flavours are 100% natural & organic, and can be made overnight, simply by adding a bag (and if you'd like, fresh fruits of your choice) to cold water and letting it sit in your fridge overnight. Hands down the easiest way to make a refreshing Summer drink, right?


I'm totally obsessed with the blue pomegranate (with apple & hibiscus) and ginger (with mint & lemon grass) mix. Don't forget to add some fresh mint, ginger, berries or slices of citrus!


Previously: 3 amazing places to explore this Summer 17 (Ibiza, Havana, and the Japanese countryside), and other treats to try (back-to-basics ice cream and fresh donuts)!

Next up: air dried hair is one of this Summer's biggest beauty trends!

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Keeping hydrated on hot bright days is one of summer’s extreme trials, so after our previous episodes on back-to-basics ice cream and fresh donuts, it's all fun and basic practical to find out everything about this Summer 17's calmest drink. She likes to write about the last time I saw her. And the best thing about it is that you can make it at home.
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