Greetings from sunny Marrakech!! :) I had been looking forward to saying that for such a long time haha. Marcio & I had really been longing for warm & sunny days! (as a Brazilian, the dreary European weather really gets on his nerves by the end of Winter :)) It had been a while since we last visited beautiful Marrakech, so we booked 3 tickets and off we went! It was Gabriel's first 'big' trip, so I was definitely a bit nervous for the flight, but everything went pretty smoothly! It's honestly kind of exhausting to travel with a 10-month old babe, but I'm so happy we could share this with him. We had such a great time, soaking up the sun and taking in all the colours! Read along to find out our favourite spots, food, and things to do in part I of my Marrakech travel guide...







If you're looking for the most gorgeous place to stay in Marrakech's city center, La Mamounia is the place to go. There are a gazillion pretty spaces & corners, with those typical colourful Moroccan tiles that will make your IG feed pop. I had packed tons of tops and dresses in earthy colours, because I imagined them blending in so well. :) Also a plus of all the pretty colours: as soon as we arrived, Gabriel was totally mesmerised! He just didn't know here to look first. The spa should also definitely be on your must-do list! I tried out the 'massage cérémonial onguent d'Argan' and it was the most blissful experience. And though the hotel is located right in the city center, our room had a super natural view of the palm trees and hotel garden - perfect to have your afternoon Moroccan tea!





Anyone who loves pretty colours will adore this gorgeous garden, one of the most popular spots to visit in Marrakech. It can get a bit touristy, but if you go early in the morning you can avoid the largest crowds. The garden and villa were originally created by the French artist Jacques Majorelle, and was bought in the '80s by fashion designers Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. The complex also houses a museum dedicated to YSL that's definitely worth a visit (pictures aren't allowed). There are lots of beautiful gardens in Marrakech but this one will forever be one of my favourites (and Gabriel loved it too! :)).





One of the things I always look forward to the most when visiting Marrakech is having a rooftop tajine. Taking in places from above is totally my thing (see London, NYC and Bali :)), and there's something about the Medina rooftops that instantly relaxes me. There are many gorgeous spots to enjoy your tajine with an amazing view (Atay is another favourite!) but Riad Anayela just can't be beat. The 300-year old property bursts with charm and the food is so delicious (for those asking on my IG, the nail polish I'm wearing is Faby It's Not Black It's Dark). You guys have to check it out!


Have you been to Marrakech lately? Any spots I can't miss on my next visit? :) Stay tuned for part II of my Marrakech travel guide soon!

Outfit details via @sofievalkiers

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The colors of Marrakesh are amazing! One place I’d love to see one day. Your little man is getting so big so fast! I love the rich gold colors in your clothes against the backdrop of the city.
Hi Donna, thanks so much for your sweet words! :) I knoooow, he's getting SO big, I can't believe it! Stay tuned for more travel diaries soon ;) xx big kiss
I traveled around in Morocco with my boyfriend and our two small kids during the easter holidays, and we cannot wait to go back! We brought back a couple of platters and even bought a carpet:-) We stayed in family run b&b's, which I think is a bit more personal. And I have to admit that la Mamounia is waaaay over our budget:-) I think very few people can afford to spend a couple of hundred euros for a night in the most expensive and exclusive hotel in Marrakech, but there are many beautiful riads which are very affordable too:-)
Hi Sigrid! Thanks so much for sharing your Marrakech experiences! Happy to hear I wasn't the only one lugging back heavy interior goodies :) Yes, we're very lucky to be able to stay in luxury hotels such as La Mamounia but I totally agree that a b&b or authentic riad are super alternatives. x big kiss
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