When Marcio and I first started dating I felt very insecure about my rigid European dance moves. I mean, Brazil is world famous for its natural-born dancers and I seriously don't know 1 Brazilian woman who doesn't effortlessly kill it on the dancefloor. But at some point I just decided to get over myself and take some Samba lessons. Everyone told me it would be really hard for me, since you kind of have to be born with the Samba moves, which definitely isn't the case for me. Contrary to what most people think, Samba isn't the most popular dance in Brazil; Forró, which you're supposed to dance as a couple, is actually Brazil's national dance, but I haven't tried it until now since I haven't been able to drag Marcio with me. :) (it's definitely on my to-do list, though!)

My first Samba lesson was quite memorable, because I was seriously surprised with how difficult and exhausting it was. Man, it's really a full-blown workout! Women dance the Samba wearing heels, so imagine the state of my feet after just one lesson. The real pros manage to do it wearing stiletto heels, but I'd definitely recommend starting with lower chunky heels with straps, that feel somewhat comfy and sturdy. It took me a whole week of hour-long practices to become familiar with the basic Samba steps, and the practice of moving my feet, hips, and bootie, without shifting my upper body. The real challenge, though, was the next step: moving my arms along with the lower part of my body, and I have to say this part still looks kind of ridiculous up until this day. :) However, I'm really determined to become better at it, as it's so quintessential sexy and Brazilian. In the meantime, I just enjoy listening to my 3 favorite Samba songs (this, this, and this one) that take me straight back to Brazil, and have me daydreaming about the smoothest Samba moves that will hopefully one day be mine. XO Sofie

PS: If you want to see me in action....

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