I've always adored traveling. Arriving at a new place, seeing, feeling, and smelling things for the very first time in your life; it just doesn't get much better than that. The past few months have been pretty crazy, going from California and Arizona to Paris, Cannes, Brazil, Greece, and Spain, and a couple of days ago we landed in beautiful Thailand. People often ask me how I handle the different time zones and deal with the pain in the ass that is jetlag. :) Luckily, after all those years, I've picked up some little tricks that make a HUGE difference for me. I hope they'll help you overcome your jetlag in a heartbeat, no matter where you're going. Happy travels everyone!! XO Sofie

I always try to slowly ease into the time zone of my next destionation before I actually leave. If I know that there will be a big time difference I try to go to bed at a time that makes sense for the time zone I will be in soon, to make sure my body isn't too shocked upon arrival.

Whenever I fly I try to avoid intense activities, such as working, watching movies, or eating a lot. I always try to make sure I've had a big meal before I board; as soon as I'm on the plane, I put on my eye mask and ear plugs, and try to get some sleep. Right before we land I start with my hydrating rituals, which I continue on the ground.

In order to overcome the most annoying side effects of jetlag, such as a headache or an overly sensitive stomach, I drink liters of water as soon as I land (and avoid alcohol or caffeine). You'd be surprised with how much this helps!

Whenever I arrive somewhere in the middle of the day while my body still thinks it's bedtime, I try to take a quick nap. Be warned though, that it'll be VERY tempting to turn this nap into a full-blown 8 hours of sleep, but believe me: really try to avoid that! A maximum of 40 minutes works best for me, and afterwards I usually feel pretty refreshed.

If I still feel sleepy after my short nap, my best remedy is as simple as it is effective: I go outside and let my surroundings keep me entertained. Chances are that once you feel the energy of your new location you'll be able to stay awake until it's actually time to go to bed. Because, after all, who can resist the beautiful bustling vibe of NYC, Bangkok, or Tokyo?

If you're someone who travels frequently, you know that your body needs time to readjust itself to its new surroundings. It's 100% normal that it takes a little while to get used to switching from one time zone to another one. Now that I'm abroad so often, my body seems to adjust itself much faster to a new routine than before, so if you're having a hard time dealing with a busy traveling schedule: just give it some time!

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