I've been admiring the House of Michael Kors for a very long time, as I feel like it always succeeds in capturing a sexy laid-back vibe that makes the designs desirable and relatable at the same time. So I was definitely thrilled when I received an invitation to celebrate the launch of the new Michael Kors fragrance in Greece. The whole experience felt very sweet and private, with only a few other guests, whom I consider to be among the most creative and inspiring people in the world of fashion and beauty. Exciting much!

We arrived in Porto Heli on a very sunny hot day (we're talking 45°C, aka 'will inevitably look bloaty and sweaty in pictures'-weather :)), and were treated to a helicopter ride witnessing the most fluffy perfect pink sunset. I really don't know how they do it, but these iconic fashion Houses always seem to have the weather gods on their side. Now let me take a moment to talk about the Amanzoe resort, that graciously hosted us for this event. I've been lucky enough to stay in some amazing hotels and resorts around the world, but boy, is this something different! It's really hard to describe a place where the architecture simultaneously feels historic, fresh, and current, every room has its own private pool, and the food is exclusively fresh and homemade, using the tastiest local ingredients. Upon arrival, the only words I could usher were something like: 'O come on!'. It's just a little slice of heaven, and I wanted to bring my cat and boyfriend over, so that I would never have to leave.

The first day we took a boat to Hydra Island, a traditional fishermen's village, with typical little white houses built up against the mountains, overlooking the most beautiful (and tempting! :)) glistening waters. We had a lunch of fresh fish and Greek salads at the charming Omilos restaurant, before exploring the cute alleys of the island, and tasting some of the best Greek wines. In the evening, we all gathered around this big farm table for a beach bbq with the man himself. While enjoying another gorgeous sunset, we shared big plates of food, taking the concepts of cosy and romantic to another level.

The next day was all about the new fragrance (more on this very soon!), and it ended with a crazy cool dance-off (there may or may not have been people jumping in the pool with their clothes on, and a general explosion on the dancefloor when ABBA's Dancing Queen came on; all very cute and old school :)). If this all sounds incredible it's because it really was, and I'm truly grateful to have been a part of this. XO Sofie

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