If you’re living in a big city your home is usually, well, not so big. As you know, we’re still in the process of decorating our place, and making a room appear more spacious than it is (our bedroom isn’t exactly huge) has been one of the main challenges so far. But along the way, I’ve adopted some tricks that can at least make it seem as if you’re living in the castle you actually deserve.


Nothing makes a space feel more cramped than a clunky piece of furniture. Sure, it can be hard to let go of that big old sofa that helped you through many break-ups, but you’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes for the general appearance of your living room. And this actually goes for just about every piece of furniture in your home. Your bed, armchairs, coffee table, and even your bathtub: give ‘em some legs! And not to sound too domestical, but it’s easier to clean too. :)

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There’s a reason why white is still by far the most popular shade when it comes to interior design, and that’s simply because it makes a room feel fresh and clean in an instant. There’s obviously nothing wrong with adding a little bit of color to your rooms, but if you want a space to look bigger, white is the way to go.
You may want to consider leaving your windows (and adjacent white walls) bare too; while it may not be the most practical thing in the world, it definitely creates a feeling of space, with an added bonus of letting in ALL of that delicious natural daylight that will keep you happy and serene. So yes, it’s worth risking your neighbours catching you do a Beyoncé solo in your underwear.

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If you don’t have that much space, it’s waaaay too easy to fill up every inch with books, shoes, and all those cute little things you picked up during your travels. Instead, it’s so much better to declutter, for your space and mind alike. Evaluate every piece in your home frequently and relentlessly; if you haven’t used something for the passed 6 months, just get rid of it.

And keep in mind: bare doesn’t necessarily mean cold! Just make sure to add the right details, such as some wooden features, playful wallpaper, a big rug or some thick blankets, to make a bare room feel cosy and warm.

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