Breakfast stories


It’s probably no surprise: I love a good breakfast. I love pancakes in the morning, or a soft boiled egg ( to be more exact: a 4 minutes boiled egg) or a Brussels waffle with fresh berries… Oh my god: Nom!  An other favorite of mine is the avocado toast. Oke, it has gone mainstream but that doesn’t mean it still tastes delicious and is super healthy. First I toast my bread ( I used the Smeg toaster for about one minute) and than I smash the avocado and season it with my favorite herbs such as cayenne pepper and a bit of salt. Last but not least I love to add pomegranate on it, this makes it so much more fresh and tasty. You should definiteley try it! What’s your way to fancy up your avocado toast? Xo Sofie 

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