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Some of you ( who follow me on Instagram) will probably already know that I‘m looking for a new house. And with a new house comes a new interior so at the moment I’m getting super excited with furniture, rugs, lamps, …. I honestly can’t get enough of it! I’m still deciding on the style so I’m visiting a lot of design stores at the moment. Smets has a super nice interior design department ( next to all the fashion and beauty corners) with some really great design pieces. My favourite is this light blue sofa and the soft fluffy pillows… I definitely wouldn’t mind having that in my future home!   XO Sofie 

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There are some principles for the interior designing that should be follow and they are line, form , texture, color and scale , harmony and according to https://www.assignmentgeek.com.au/research-paper/ we should take these points into our account if we want decor an awesome interior with a decent look.
Smets knows the taste of customers that is why i like the clothing items. I have not seen rug items in their store. If you want to see wide range of rugs collections, Kindly visit https://www.rugdirect.co.nz
We have more different collections in wool rugs and round rugs. if you want check it out our new arrival stock with wide range of Rugs in different patterns. Please visit on our website https://www.rughouse.co.nz/