Luxury Hotspot: Sofitel Rio De Janeiro Copacabana



I’m still day dreaming of the spectacular view from my hotel room over Copacabana beach.  And believe me, to have your morning breakfast with a view like that...  there are just no words for it! Oh yes, perhaps one: EXTRAORDINARY!!! Once in a while, a girl just needs a bit of over the top luxury and pampering, right? So let me introduce you to the Sofitel Rio de Janeiro, definitely a must when you’re looking for a stylish get-away in Brazil! For me, the location of this hotel couldn’t be any better: it’s right on the famous Copacabana beach and next to Ipanema beach. I don’t think there is any hotel with a better view of the Copacabana –panorama ( the Sugarloaf Mountain included!)!
The Sofitel Copacabana suite was very spacious, modern and it defintely had this luxury high-end touch to it. The WIFI in the room is super fast ( and free) so that’s definitely a big plus for a blogger like me ;) and the hotel has many luxury facilities like a spa, jacuzi, sauna, massages, fine dining restaurants,.... I just loved it that after a very busy day ( going to the beach, walking down the streets, exploring the Brazilian culture...) I would arrive at the swimming pool  and have my Caipirinha cocktail in an oasis of rest and peace. Aaaargh, life can be good!! ;)
Yep, my trip to Rio contained all the ingredients for an amazing time in Brazil: loads of sun, good food, amazing landscapes, a touch of luxury and a hotel where you feel at home. I can’t wait to go back!!!  

Sofitel Rio de Janeiro 
Avenida Atlântica, 4240 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22070-002, Brazilië

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