Ever since I was little, I've been pretty much obsessed with textiles and all-natural fabrics. One of the most important fashion lessons my mama taught me is that true luxury really depends on the materials that were used to create a particular item. No matter how original or expensive a piece of clothing is, if it’s made from a highly synthetic material that feels plastic-y and suffocates your skin, it won’t work for me. So the fact that in Brazil a lot of attention is paid to local craftsmanship and the use of all-natural materials is just another reason why I love this country so much.

One of my favorite activities here is to get up early, have a fruity breakfast, and go to one of the cute little markets to explore the local goodies. It’s a real treat to stroll around, take in the overwhelming scents, vibrant colours, uplifting sounds of muted music and animated conversations, while munching on some grilled pineapple with coconut cream (recipe coming soon!). I guess that at these markets all my senses are heightened and pleased in an incomparable way, and I just love that. :)

I can never stop myself from touching all the beautiful items on display. The traditional multi pattern-and-colour textiles, bamboo clutches and hats are so amazing, and feel really current when paired with bold oversized earrings and a pair of strappy flats. I always find amazing jewelry in Brazil, as their goldsmiths are among the best in the world. They are very open to coming up with a unique affordable design that meets all of your wishes (I especially love their watches), which I think makes the most perfect gift for just about any occasion.

I always buy some wooden or fiber baskets for our home, that are ideal for collecting laundry or those typical small things that can really clutter your place. Other irresistible homewear treasures are the famous handmade Brazilian ceramics; apart from looking sleek and clean, they’re of such high quality! A bit less well known but equally cute are the decorative discs, handpainted with the prettiest patterns, for brightening up any room in an instant. Yup, it’s really hard to leave Brazil without impossibly heavy luggage. :) XO Sofie

Stay tuned for TASTE, in which I’ll share my 3 favorite Brazilian recipes!

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