As you know by now, I have a very special connection with Brazil. My boyfriend Marcio was born and raised in this beautiful country, and every year we come back to Brazil to visit his family and hang out Brazilian-style (think the kind of hospitality that makes your heart sing, and lots of afternoon naps :)). After all these years – we’ve been together for ten years now! – I can honestly say that Brazil feels like home, and I thought it’d be nice to pay tribute through a mini series featuring my all-time fave Brazilian associations. As this is a place on earth that always triggers my senses in an incomparable way, I’ll focus on those, starting with my favorite Brazilian scent.

I am someone who is very much focused on scents. I’m always completely aware of the scents that are surrounding me, and my brain can be triggered by a particular smell in an instant, triggering memories and stories I thought I had completely forgotten about. I’m actually very happy I have that; there’s something so happy and pure about smelling fresh Spring blooms and being taken straight back to my childhood Summer breaks, running around in the backyard with my brother.

So it’s no surprise I have a whole array of scents that I associate exclusively with Brazil. More specifically, if I have one particularly strong association it’s with the place Itacaré, a small village located in the cocoa region of Bahia. This is the place that inspired the creation of my luxurious scented candles for SANUI; while this may seem random, for me it was actually a really big deal, since it literally took me years to decide on what I wanted to launch as my first product, and this has always felt very personal and sincere to me.

Marcio took me to Itacaré on our first trip to Brazil together, after we had been dating for only a couple of months. Whenever I talk about it, people say they can see the love in my eyes, and that honestly makes me so happy. :) I have very vivid memories of our evenings spent at the pristine white beach, drinking fresh coconut juice, eating our weight in tacos, and looking over the crystal clear waters. The smell of fresh fruits, pure salty air, and coconut juice was so overwhelming, as I became aware of the growing love for my man. I know this sounds incredibly cheesy, but that’s exactly what it felt like. :) The scenes I remember from that trip might come straight out of a classic movie, with kids playing on the beach, inviting me to join them, and women taking a siesta in their coconut stuffed trucks.

We went back to Itacaré for our 10-year anniversary last year and I have to admit it wasn’t the same. It was way more touristy and as a result, not as charming. It may also have had something to do with being so lovedrunk the first time, but in any case Itacaré will always be a very special place to me, and one of the main reasons why I love Brazil so much. XO Sofie

Stay tuned for SEE, in which I’ll share my favorite Brazilian beauty tricks!

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