My living room reveal


It’s finally here to share with you guys: my living room reveal! I received so many questions about my new home so I’m very happy to show you the result. I think that this living room totally reflects my style! I love a house where I feel comfortable and at ease. So you can guess it: the sofa is one of the most important items in my living room. It also took a lot of research to find the perfect sofa ( and color!) but finally I came across this velvet beauty by Belgian brand Marie’s Corner. The fun part is that you can design your own sofa; I picked out the color ( this is SO difficult) and the model…  the people at Marie’s Corner were a great help as well to make sure you make the best decision! The quality and the craftsmanship of this sofa is just amazing and I’m sure we can enjoy it for a very long time. There is nothing more inviting than the soft and luxe look of a velvet sofa, don’t you agree?

The walls of this room were soft pink before but I loved the idea of an all white room, as it looks more modern and fresh. My god, I had no idea that there were SO MANY white tones: a more blue white, cream white, soft white, yellow white,... to be honest, it was such a hard decision! I ended up with the Ambiance mur extra mat by Levis, which gives the perfect shade of white! 
I would love to say that everything around the sofa was carefully selected to fit with it, but honestly, that was not the case. During many years I’ve been collecting art, paintings and souvenirs from all over the world.  The art painting on top of the sofa I bought in Bali, from an unknown artist who was kind enough to show us around in his favorite area. The colorful mask I bought in Venice after spending many hours going around in the city. You can find a lot of masks in Venice but most of them are a bit kitchy and bling bling. This one I really loved because of the colors and the golden lips, so gorgeous!

I also have collected a lot of coffee table books through the years, as I’m obsessed with beautiful images and covers. I can spend hours going through my books and get inspired by them.  My favorites are the ones of Valentino, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Kate Moss. Last but not least: let's talk about the lights. At this moment I don’t have a big chandelier yet for the living room … I’m waiting until I fall in love with a piece. But in the meantime, I’m adding lights with small lamps and candles. As for the lamps, I think Zara home always has amazing ones! For the candles I use of course my own line, SANUI, to add a cozy atmosphere and a soft scent to the living room. For my Christmas I received these Missoni pillows and plaid from my parents and I love it so much: it adds this playful and colorful touch to my sofa. It’s the perfect final touch!I was really amazed on how expensive decorating a living room is but if I can give you one advice it would be to invest in the bigger pieces ( such as the sofa and the chandelier) and get the smaller details at ( flea) markets, vintage stores or (online) stores such as Zara home. Like this you can create this fun mix and it doesn’t look like you got your living room out of a showroom.  Please let me know what’s your experience on decorating your home! Anyways, I had a lot of fun and I hope you like the result! XO Sofie 

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