In between the general craziness that is the NYFW, I'd like to take a moment for some real talk. I've been meaning to share some more personal pieces on wellness for a while now, and I'm super happy that it's finally happening. I've noticed that prominent designers, such as Victoria Beckham and Diane Von Furstenberg, have had the same urge to keep things real and zoom out from the fashion world for a moment during this edition of NYFW - by remembering the victims of 9/11 or by focusing on women's causes. The thing is, being so closely involved with all things fashion & beauty, and writing for an online platform that wants to celebrate the good things in life and offer happy thoughts and inspiration on a daily basis, can funnily enough have the opposite effect on people.

More than ever, after 7 years of blogging, I'm very much aware of how exhausting and downright depressing it can be to feel like everyone has got the most perfect life - but you. In fact, I sometimes imagine what it must be like to grow up these days, surrounded by social media that focus exclusively on appearances and perfection. Whenever I think about the many happy times in my childhood, those are always the most careless moments, running around with my brother in the backyard, with chocolate stained clothes and sticky hair, or hanging out with my girlfriends as a teenager, with the most awkward looking pre-Youtube make-up imaginable. I do believe there was less focus on being perfect back then and, more importantly, less pressure to be a 'follower' of any kind.

Don't get me wrong, I adore what I do, and I find it a privilege to be able to create uplifting content that hopefully brightens your and my days. But I feel like it's important to sometimes take a step back and embrace the challenges that are a big part of life. So here's the truth: I too have super stressful days when deadlines keep piling up and nothing works. I too have had scaringly long periods of no inspiration, total writer's block, and sheer panic. I too get stuck in hot and humid airports after a 12-hour long flight with no trackable sign of my luggage anywhere. And I too feel deeply sad when I read about the war in Syria and yet another terrorist attack. That is the truth and it doesn't hurt to share it once in a while. Now let's all relax and go out for some ice cream: it's really okay to have sticky fingers.


Do you sometimes feel pressured to be perfect? Do you struggle with keeping it real? I'd love to hear!


ps: This and this amazing story are about as real as it gets, and touched me to the core.

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This is why you're my all time favourite blogger. Since the first article i read on your fabulous (!!!) blog, i knew you told the truth and wrote about what you actually love. I love the fact that you share this personal article with us. To be honest it's a relieve for me to read that everyone has difficult days (not that i want anyone to have them) but on social media everything looks perfect and that's really fun and always brightens up my day but this article also brightens up my day because it comes from you heart and it still gives me a positive and encouraging feeling. Thank you xoxo Jul