Life Update


At this moment I’m almost 4 weeks in quarantine with my boyfriend Marcio and my little boy Gabriel. We are sitting at home with only very small trips to the supermarket and the park to get some fresh air. Times are feeling very uncertain and it’s really hard to get used to this new ‘normal’. Work wise it’s also super slow, as almost all collaborations are on hold and my jewelry atelier is also closed. So this is what I’m focusing on at the moment:


  • Gabriel and I have been writing cute cards to send to loved ones. It’s so much fun to do these kinds of activities together and to focus on what’s really important: quality time with family!


  • I’m shopping my own closet: I cleaned up my closet and found some amazing pieces that I rediscovered and styled differently. All the items I don’t wear anymore I will donate and give to my friends.


  • I’m trying to read more and give myself a screen break! I just finished Queen Elizabeth II’s guide to life which was a pretty relaxing read before bedtime. If you have any book recommendations… please let me know J


  • I’m trying to support the small, independent brands as much as possible as it’s soooo important for their survival. So I shop my vegetables and fruits at my local veggie shop and I bought a couple of new summer dresses online at my favourite shops in Antwerp.


  • I’m taking a phone break, which means: no more phones in the bedroom. And I have to say it: I sleep sooo much better now! The only thing is that I have to find a new alarm clock as I can’t use my phone anymore to wake us up in the morning.


  • Cooking more vegetarian dishes… I’ve been trying the recipes from Deliciously Ella and they are a big success! She has the best recipes for sweet potatoes, beans and pasta… So yummy!


  • My quarantine beauty 101 routine! J I’m doing everyday a face massage by Nichola Joss ( follow her on her Instagram) and giving my eyes a rest with my Sanui heated eye masks. Once I weak I try to give my face a face mask.


Voila, that’s pretty much what’s happening lately J I still would like to go through all my photos and print albums and finally create that family wall for the hall. What are you focusing on? Please, take care of yourself and others… This too shall pass. Big kiss Sofie

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