Look, this isn’t anything personal against Belgium, but some years this country really has a problem with taking Summer seriously.

Things that make me happy

I always try to drink as much water as possible and to stay away from soda’s and artificial juices as they contain so much sugar.

My flight secret

Perhaps you won’t believe it but… I’m afraid of flying. 

How to: create a spa at home

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives, whether that’s due to an exam, work or relationships, or we simply have too much going on.

How to: stay chic while working out

Our generation is thankfully much more interested in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle than fad diets and unachievable body standards...

My favorite moments of 2014

2014… you’ve been such a big pleasure! As I was preparing this post I came across so many beautiful moments and experiences. It’s quite crazy how fast a year passes by and all the things tha