Hi guys, it's been sooo busy here with all the fashion week craziness but... here I am with an update on my Brazil trip from his summer.... FINALLY! So many of you have asked what it's like to explore Brazil with a baby, I thought I'd share... So if you want to travel to one of my favourite countries in the world with a mini and are curious to find out more about vaccines, baby food, things to do, and everything to bring: read along!



I haven't shared this before, but we had actually already planned to visit Brazil with Gabriel last year during the Holidays. He was about 7 months at the time and we thought it would be totally fine to bring him, so we booked our tickets and were super excited to go! But ... when we went to get our shots (we went to the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp), our doctor told us that it's not advisable to travel to Brazil before your baby's first birthday. Apparently, their immune system is still developing so much that it's kind of risky to go to a 'tropical' destination. Of course, it's perfectly possible that nothing will happen and your baby will have a healthy trip, but we just didn't want to take that risk. So if you're planning a trip to Brazil it's best to wait until your baby's first bday and definitely don't forget to pay a visit to your doctor's office beforehand to get all the necessary shots!


This is kind of a general remark and probably well known, but Brazil has some not-so-safe places. Marcio grew up there and has some chilling stories that will make you be extra careful when you choose your go-to spots. We usually go to Rio de Janeiro (one of my favourite cities ever ever!) or smaller more 'untouched' places as Itacaré or the island of Buzios. Basically, it just comes down to being a bit 'street smart': don't wear expensive jewellery out, or flash big cameras or your iPhone. I know this sounds high maintenance but I actually find it kind of nice to be forced to disconnect and go back to basics! :)



Something that might surprise you is that even in big cities as Rio not everyone will speak English (well). So make sure to have a translating app on hand just in case you need to communicate something important on the spot. Don't worry about this too much though, because people are usually very helpful and patient so you'll definitely find your way around!


You guys already know that one of my main activities on vacation is ... eat! I just love trying out new flavours and going to supermarkets abroad (super weird I know haha). So it's definitely not necessary to bring baby or toddler food to Brazil. They have the most amazing selection of fresh fruits & veggies (if you want to make homemade purees) and fresh coconut water (Gabriel loves it!). I do have to say that for some reason formula milk and diapers are 2 to 3 times more expensive here, but it still beats lugging all that with you on the plane, right? As for restaurants, Brazilians LOVE minis! They're so helpful and when your baby starts being fussy, they'll just take over so you can enjoy your meal in peace. Honestly the sweetest!





First things first about going to the beach in Brazil: Brazilians embrace all body types! Curvy or skinny or something in between; you see it all, and all in tiny bikinis! :) So it's just about the most comfortable place to show off your post-baby body with no worries at all! (which shouldn't worry you anyway of course, 'cause you just made a human) Going to the beach is always one of my favourite things to do with a mini, but in Brazil it's just extra fun! I would advise to bring your own sunscreen (SPF 50+ for your mini, of course) because it's one of those very expensive items here (whyyy tho?), and a mosquito net & repellent (we usually just use a basic one like Deet 30, but this one's so cute!) are also a must. Don't forget to bring swim diapers too, 'cause you flat out can't find them anywhere here.

And then, as for other activities, you can't beat the classics! The world famous Christ statue is amazing in real life, but can get super crowded! Same for the Sugarloaf mountains (you can take a cart up there and have the BEST views over Rio) and botanical gardens... Our strategy is usually to go as early as possible, to avoid the biggest crowds and enjoy it before the heat kicks in.


Have you ever been to Brazil? Any other tips on exploring Brazil with a baby I have to add to my list? :)

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Hi! I’m Brazilian and I loved the post. I just wanna say that we totally have swim diapers here! You can buy it at drugstores or supermarkets. And if you want to explore more our beautiful country, I recommend you to go to Minas Gerais to eat the famous “pão de queijo” (bread w/ cheese)!

Oohh wat een super leuke foto’s! Vooral die van Gabriel alleen met z’n voetbal. Hij is ook zo knap!
Wij willen ook nog graag terug naar Brazilië. We zijn er samen geweest voordat hij was geboren. Maar we twijfelen nog aan de locatie. We zijn eerder in Natal/Pipa/Tibau geweest. Rio staat ook zeker op mijn Bucket list!

Wij zijn begonnen met reizen vanaf dat ons zoontje 5 maanden was en zijn eerste verre reis was toen hij 8 maanden was (Kaapverdië), maar hij heeft wel een vervroegde vaccinatie gekregen zodat hij toch was ingeënt.

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