My 19 for 2019 list


Happy 2019!!! You probably have noticed it already but I took a couple of days off to spend New Year with my family in Brazil and get some much-needed rest to start the new year. I really enjoyed the hot weather ( it’s high summer in Brazil), the fresh coconut water in the morning and the swimming pool visits with Gabriel…. Aaaargh, so many perfect moments!!!


Anyways, I’m not the kind of new years resolutions girl but I do love making lists as a reminder of the things I want to change or do. So these are my 19 goals for 2019:

  1. Get more quality sleep, which means: sleeping with my phone in another room and buying an alarm clock to put next to my bed
  2. Start Pilates ( does anyone have a good address in Antwerp for it?)
  3. Read at least 10 books this year ( suggestions are always welcome!)
  4. Doing Squats every day
  5. Getting more structure in my day so I can manage my time more effectively - perhaps I should work with a planner?
  6. Print more photo’s and put them in a physical book.
  7. Get a big mirror for my living room
  8. Continue learning Portuguese
  9. Sort out my dressing and make more space in my closet
  10. Travel to an exotic beach destination with Gabriel and Marcio
  11. Dedicate more time for my friends and family
  12. Cook more vegetarian
  13. Deal with the clothing items I want to donate for good causes
  14. Give a make over on the kitchen ( this is already on my list since 2 years but this year I really want to make it happen!!!)
  15. Do one thing at the time ( and stop multitasking!)
  16. Go to bed in time ( which means 10.30PM for me)
  17. Go through all my digital photo’s and finally start that gallery wall for the hall ( it’s also already on my list since 2 years!)
  18. Treat myself to more facials ( and finally get a facial roller)
  19. Create a better work- life balance


Do you have a 19 for 2019 list? I’d love to hear your targets on your list! Please share :)

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I have blackout curtains in my bedroom, and they are wonderful. I only close my curtains when I sleep. I work night shift, so I sleep during the day. Having the sun in my face in the morning would disrupt my sleep cycle.…
I can recommend Deliciously Ella's latest cookbook for vegan meals - it is so great, packed with easy and yummy receipes. As for books I really loved: fates ands furies by Lauren Groff it was on Obama's favourite book list one year. I always turn to him if I need a good read ;-)
Hi! If you are looking for ideas for nr.14, I would be delighted to help! Emilie
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