Maybe it's because I own a fairly ridiculous amount of shoes, or maybe it just goes for every mama-to-be, but whatever the case, since the beginning of my pregnancy people sort of assumed I'd go crazy on the baby stuff. :) However, the truth is that I'm generally not much of a collector, always preferring quality over quantity. Moreover, the sheer amount of available baby things out there is pretty overwhelming, and how is one ever to know which stroller, co-sleeper, swaddle blanket or baby chair will make you and your mini the happiest people on earth? True to form, I did a lot of research to avoid ending up with a pile of stuff that would never be used (the worst!) and only assemble things that really contribute to your quality of life as a new mama - the no. 1 thing on the agenda when you welcome a teeny one into the world. So if you're currently on the hunt for those must-have baby pieces, these are my 5 newborn baby essentials that really make a difference!


newborn baby essentials

newborn baby essentials



Fact: newborn babies are always in for extra cuddles. From day 1, Gabriel really loved to be close to our bodies; it just has such a calming effect on him! But you guessed it: having to carry around a little human all day can be a little bit impractical, not to mention exhausting. And that's when this genius baby sling comes in so handy. It's one of the only truly stylish versions I have come across, available in luxurious all-natural fabrics (the linen and silk ones are my faves) and pretty colours that are easy to blend in with your outfits (gotta keep it stylish :)). On top of that, it's so easy to put on, a must for every tired parent's clumsy hands!



Such a simple but inventive piece is this organic cotton baby sleeping nest, that I promptly bought in 2 colours because I use it so much! When your baby's still tiny, it keeps him safe, comfy & secure in his seemingly so big crib. One permanently stays in Gabriel's crib at home, while the other one goes with us when we visit my parents or girlfriends, transforming every couch or big soft surface into an instant bed for our little man. So practical, right?



The nicest thing about this chair is the fact that no matter how teeny your baby is, it lets you all sit together around the dining table - totally one of the cosiest family rituals ever! As a natural born foodie it's one of the things I looked forward to the most, and I've heard it's also a great way to create a soothing atmosphere to have your baby eventually try his first solid food. If he sees mama & papa enjoy so many things, here's hoping that he'll be eager to copy that soon! :)


newborn baby essentials



I had heard so many great things about this chair, and Gabriel absolutely loves it too! You can choose between different bouncing modes and soothing tunes (the Kangaroo bounce and heartbeat tune are the most popular ones over here :)), and yes, this chair has been known to avoid major meltdowns and assure some extra peace & quiet. Plus the subtle white-&-grey design looks pretty in your home too, a nice change from all the overly colourful baby pieces out there!



It was kind of a given from the start that this baby was going to be on the road a lot. So just as his baby sleeping nest this sleeping bag has been on constant rotation! It's just the easiest thing to take with us wherever we go, because despite being super soft and warm, it's also pretty light-weight. I love that it gives our boy enough space to move his little (long!) legs around, but still feels snuggly & cosy - essential for a good night (or at least a couple of hours :)) sleep. Needless to say I also really love the clean classic 100% cotton design, that totally matches the feel of our Théophile & Patachou baby furniture. Nothing to improve there!


What are your favourite newborn baby essentials? Anything that works wonders for a crying or restless baby? I'd love love love to hear! :) 

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Hoera voor de draagdoek! Hier ook een echte must have! Denk ook aan een gewone geweven draagdoek, een ringsling wordt nogal snel zwaar als je baby meer begint te wegen als je veel draagt en daar is je rug niet zo blij mee ;)
Lieve Sofie, Ik heb 2 kindjes die beiden rond de 2 maanden doorsliepen, enkele tips: Bedje aan hoofdeinde iets hoger zitten zodat hij minder last heeft van evtl reflux Wij gaven rond 23.00 h altijd nog een laatste fles ook al sliepen ze al, ze dronken die dan eigenlijk al slapend leeg en konden zo verder tot een uur of zes volgende ochtend! Beide kindjes sliepen onmiddellijk op hun eigen kamertje zodat ik niet bij het minste geluidje wakker werd.. Ik wens je veel succes! En vooral snel terug een beetje een goede nachtrust! Trouwens Gabriel ziet er een echt schatje uit👶🏻👶🏻 Dikke kus
Hey Isabelle! Zo lief om je tips te delen, en wat een droom dat jouw mini's al vanaf 2 maanden doorsliepen! Dat ga ik zeker es uittesten. :) Zelfs als Gabriel in z'n eigen bedje slaapt slaap ik nog altijd super licht, alsof ik constant aan het 'waken' ben, maar ik veronderstel dat elke nieuwe mama dat wel heeft? Eens hij wat groter is zal dat hopelijk ook minderen. xx dikke kus
Hi, We got our baby girl on the end of May and there is one product we could not life without. This swaddler from Ergobaby has such a calming effect and I think it has been our salvation when talking about nights and sleeping. We have use this since the birth and our girl has slept whole nights (6-8 hours) from the beginning. In the first weeks, we even used it during the daytime. Now, when she is almost three months, we only use it during the nights and naps, and she sleeps so good. I don't know if our girl is just a good sleeper or is it because of this swaddler :) Anyway, this product is so
O thanks so much for sharing! We've been using the organic cotton swaddle blankets from La Langerie ( ) and absolutely love them too! Since our boy has pretty restless arms & legs, the swaddling has definitely helped to have him sleep a bit longer, but 6-8 hours still seem kind of far away. :) xx
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A visit to an osteopath can do miracles for a restless and crying baby 😉
Hi Sofie, Zelf ben ik helemaal fan van artipoppe draagdoeken en ringslings. Als je voor een mooi desing en kwaliteit gaat zeker een aanrader om eens naar te kijken. Smaken kunnen verschillen uiteraard, maar vast de moeite waard eens te verkennen ;-) Geniet van jullie kleine man! Liefs X Julia
Dag Marcio en Sofie, leuke kleding voor jullie schattige Gabriel vind je ook van Belgische makelij bij Mini Mooz ( ) Vooral hun 'slaap nestjes' zijn populair. Veel liefs!
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