Anybody else freaking out about how ridiculously fast December flew by?? With these super dark days you'd think it wouldn't feel like that, right? But no matter how excited I am for the approaching Holidays, I can't help but feel a bit overwhelmed by the thought of going on a X-mas present hunt. I definitely like to invest in cool gifts for my loved ones, but I also really (really) want to not faint when my VISA bill arrives and I haven't even bought any sparkly NYE outfit yet. Soooo: here's my fave pure/cosy/merry Holidays gifts, that are as cute as they are affordable. Now go get that festive dress to celebrate the last night of this wonderful wonderful year!


No better time to celebrate my love of pure and simple items than when creating my Holiday wishlist! This ILA Extra Virgin olive oil, that's produced in a 100-year old mill in the South of Spain (I mean!), sounds amazing. :) And since I'm never one to turn down pink/rose coloured beauty: yes to this soft pink cashmere & Other Stories beanie, organic Savons Gemme quartz soap, and simple geometric COS ring


Maybe it's because I've had a pretty insane year of traveling (which I loved!), but this year I'm very much into cosy nights at home. There's just nothing better than curling up on the sofa with your cat and bf, and binge-watch a great selection of bad Holiday movies, right? I can't wait to throw on this pretty lace-y & Other Stories bra, matching dark green O.P.I nail polish (really the prettiest Fall shade!) and Uniqlo cashmere turtleneck, slather on this Ellis Brooklyn Rrose body milk (of which this month's net proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation!), and go through a stack of magazines with the help of this little buddy, the Hay Turn On lamp.


Subtle sparkles are all that X-mas is about, and our Pink Powder SANUI keychain is right on top of that. And in the too cute to handle category: yes to this little red bee bag from Zara, this simple glittery Studio Carta ribbon will make all your presents look that more expensive, and this Urban Outfitters heat-up unicorn, well, c'mon!

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