While I'm not too big on reading classic pregnancy books (they totally freak me out!) I'm very keen on finding out about other mama's go-to's. What are their favourite soft onesies? Where do they shop for comfy undies? (seriously, where?) Additionally, I have a huge fascination for food cravings (nothing new there) and general body changes. So in hopes that you share the same fascinations, I'm sharing all of this and more in our second instalment of my baby Q&A!




Citrus fruit! I know it's 100% boring, but it's the only thing I want in truck loads. I need at least one grapefruit a day, and freshly squeezed orange juice is like heaven to me right now. And my papa's homemade waffles! (as pictured here)


Miniature furniture for the baby room, our stroller, and lots of super soft organic cotton onesies.


Cashmere loungewear! I'm having such an interrupted sleeping pattern, so I try to make my nights as cosy and comfy as possible.


This turned out to be harder than I anticipated. It's really hard to come up with a name for someone you haven't even met! :) We've narrowed it down to a few options, but knowing us, we'll probably end up deciding last minute.


I'm proud to announce that I've finally cleared out my second dressing. :) We still need to make a few small structural changes, and then it's time to start bringing in all the crazy cute things we picked out!


People keep telling me that I'm not that big, but it surely feels differently. I just can't wrap my head around getting even bigger during the upcoming months! Apart from having to go to the bathroom every 2 seconds, I haven't been experiencing any major discomforts.


Loose wide-legged trousers with an elastic waistband, long slip dresses and shearling lined oversized jackets.


ps: Read all about 9pm bedtime, the baby room, and my labor anxiety right here.

On my nails: FABY Red at Night...

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Leuke Q&A Sofie! Verwachten jullie een jongen of meisje? Of blijft dat nog even geheim? ;) Liefs, Colette
Je hebt zwart aan!!! But I love it :) Geweldige look en prachtige foto.
That's so funny Sophie! I had an orange obsession when I was pregnant, I would eat at least three a day! The funny thing is that my daughter can't stand oranges or any citrus fruit, won't even drink orange juice. haha Emma xx
Haha Emma, I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one with such a 'boring' craving! :) I really do hope that the baby will still like citrus, despite the overload I'm taking in right now. ;) xx
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