As someone who's perpetually cold and has been battling the most stubborn virus over the past couple of weeks, it's safe to say that Fall hasn't been treating me kind so far. At the same time: I must acknowledge that it's kind of an unforgiving task to follow up Summer, the most beloved season of all. After months of pink sunsets and endless hot evenings by the pool, Fall's charming introduction of frighteningly short days and boxes of Kleenex just seems, well, kind of insulting. But this year, I'm determined to look at it differently, starting with this pretty cool list of things that actually make me exciting for this new season. 


I know this one's a bit outta there but bear with me, okay? Let me first say that rain is annoying, period. It's cold, it's wet, it stains your favourite booties, it makes a big mess of your local coffeeshop's floor. BUT! Raindrops pattering down makes for the cosiest sound in the history of mankind, which means staying inside, which means curling up on the sofa with your favourite movie, which means fresh hot chocolate and rose apple pie for dinner. Also: remember those insanely beautiful 'cleansed' skies and fresh after-the-rain smell? And finally, when you're stuck inside, why not whip up this amazing (3-ingredient!) sea salt scrub, and give yourself a mini at-home spa treatment? See, rain: not so bad after all. 

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You guys are probably bored with my obsession of heavy knitwear and all things flannel & plaid for Fall, but hey, if Calvin Klein says it's okay, who am I to argue? The no.1 advantage of the current oversized knitwear trend is that this essentially means you can totally switch your cloud brushed flannel sheets (!) for a similarly cosy piece of clothing, and everyone will think you're just IT. That's called playing it smart!

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I'm not 100% on board with their food choices (bacon cupcakes, anyone?) and I might not understand how on earth one (ahem) of their current presidential candidates could even be mildly considered as appropriate for the job, but sometimes the Americans just do it better. Take the way they handle the dark cold days: with decadent festivities such as Halloween and Thanksgiving one would almost be looking forward to them, right? The prospect of plates full of creepy candy, apple cider donuts, marshmallows, sweet potato soup, cranberry sauce, stuffed turkey, and pumpkin pie just makes everything a lot better to handle, so this year: why not put on a classic Friends episode or dress up as a really scary feminist, and do it the American way?

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Together with shades of camel and dark green, red is still the most essential Fall colour to me. Moreover, the added bonus of wine red lips and nails lies in the fact that it's just so damn sexy. So if you're looking for a way to pimp your cosy but not so feminine knitwear, this is as simple and effective as it's going to get. Right this way for some easy tips & tricks on how to pull off those dark red lips! As for nails, What's The Next Move by Faby and O.P.I's Can't Read Without My Lipstick are my personal faves to celebrate this new season.

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What are you looking forward to this Fall? Any nice traditions that keep your spirits high? I'd love to hear! :)

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