One of my all-time favorite beauty looks is that of a fresh and luminous skin. It's the perfect basis for just about any imaginable occasion, and can be completed as you wish; I opted for a classic cat eye and pink lip here, for the ultimate party-proof finish, but it's just as pretty on its own. While it may seem easy to accomplish an all-natural glow, I find it to be one of the trickiest things ever (too much sparkles, a shade of bronzer that is too dark, ... - the pitfalls are numerous), but with the right products it's definitely doable. Here are my 6 steps to accomplish that healthy looking glow we all want.



  1. Apply a thin layer of the Chanel CC Cream; its medium coverage will disguise any redness or imperfections, without looking cake-y or too sparkly.
  2. Add a dot of this look's key product, the Dior Glow Maximizer right above your cheekbones, onto your nosebridge, above your upper lip, and onto the highest point of your eyebrows.
  3. With the help of a firm brush or your fingertips, add a little bit of blush. I used my current fave pink shade, Clarins' Cream Blush no. 5 Rose.
  4. A good bronzer is of course essential for getting that summery finish, and I love the brown-pinky (limited edition) bronzing duo of Guerlain's Terra Tropica.
  5. You can complete this dewy look as you please. I added a black cat eye, with Chanel's Écriture eyeliner pen, and a matte pink lip, with Pink Tease by Tom Ford.



A tomboy look (that contrasts with your sweet pink lips) of your favorite denim-with-belt combo, sneakers, and leather jacket.

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