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Sunshine, lovely beaches, delicious food and a fun hippie vibe… Ibiza is definitely my happy place! In March we went to visit Ibiza with Gabriel for a small get away. We just wanted to have some sun, great food and spend time on the beach. I got a lot of question about Ibiza being kid friendly, but I can tell you one thing: the people in Ibiza love kids!

In March the entire island is pretty much closed but we managed to book a great boutique hotel, called Cas Gasi. The good thing about this hotel is that it’s open during the entire year. Cas Gasi is a charming 19th-century farmhouse in between the olive groves and orange trees. The first night we arrived really late and they cooked us delicious pasta with fresh tomatoes. Omg, what a treat!!! The food in this hotel is really exceptional. The hotel also has a very good location, only 15 minutes from the beaches and 20 minutes from the old town. At arrival in the airport, we picked up a car and I think it’s really a must in Ibiza as you don’t find taxi’s or Uber in the city.
As for restaurants, I can really recommend Ses Escoles for some amazing Ibiza flavours: Coca ( a typical pizza/flat bread with local toppings such as fish, aubergine,…), grilled tenderloin, baby squid,… I also had a lot of other restaurants on my must visit list (but a lot of them weren’t open yet) such as La Granja, Aubergine, Amante, La Paloma,… So if you have a chance, definitely check them out!
As for the beach, I loved Experimental beach, Beach house and El Chiringuito but there a lot of more hidden places as well such as Cala Tarida and Cala Xarraca. These last two beaches look amazing but not so easy to reach with a baby…

Ibiza is also great for shopping and I loved Sluiz, a huge concept store in the middle of the island ( Santa Gertrudis). I’ve found a lot of really cool stuff for my home and even Gabriel loved shopping there(which almost never happens!).

Es Cucons La Tienda is another little favourite on the island. You can find a lot of straw baskets, embroidered tunics, beautiful ceramics,…. It’s really a boho shopping heaven!

I love to go off –peak to Ibiza ( it’s probably also better with children) but March is perhaps a little bit too early. It was such a bummer that a lot of the places were still closed. I would recommend to go in April for the Easter holiday. Let me know if you have more questions and please, just go visit the island. I’m sure you will fall in love! XO Sofie

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