Acne Studios SS19
Acne Studios SS19
Acne Studios SS19
Acne Studios SS19
Acne Studios SS19
Acne Studios SS19

Are you a mini skirt person? Ha this is probably a weird way to start this post but I really do wonder. :) I think that mini skirts are some of the hardest pieces ever to style. But for the latest Acne Studios SS19 show in Paris I decided to step out of my comfort zone and just go for it! It definitely helped that the mini skirt in question came in the yummiest lime green shade, with shiny silver buttons and a fun stitched up pattern. I loved pairing it with a printed top in brownish colours. And though it was a billion degrees outside I went with long sleeves to avoid a bare skin overload. Everything for the right look! :) I finished with the CUTEST snakeskin strappy sandals that I really adored (aren't the tassels so fun?) and white sunnies for a fresh touch. 

And speaking of fresh: doesn't the collection look so good? I think Acne Studios always has the best footwear! I can't wait to get my hands on those pleated mules. I also loved the summery layering that was going on. So clever! The fabric play was so on point as well: silk + satin + leather in 1 look, why not. :) And on top of that it was print heaven, so aaall good for a print lover like me.


What do you think of the Acne Studios SS19 collection? Thanks for having me, Acne Studios! :)

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