The golden hour


Last week, I explored the sands of Dubai with Pinko, who have recently opened a luxurious boutique in the Dubai Mall.
We settled into Anantara, The Palm Resort, which was such a beautiful and decadent experience, with incredible views across the water, before shooting at the Butterfly Garden, where huge butterflies would happily land on your hand. The brown, softly sparkling  I wore was sexy but elegant at the same time, as there was a thigh slit and plunging neckline but it was floor-length and cinched at the waist.
We headed to Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, where you could only see golden sand for miles. I had an incredible massage in the spa, which allowed me to forget about any stress and fully take in the caramel-coloured dunes while doing another shoot with photographer Vincenzo Grillo, so I didn’t even have to pretend to be serene! I love the fact that Dubai and Abu Dhabi have an incredible flattering golden light, which is perfect for photo shoots - the kind you usually only get an hour before the sun sets.
Such a dreamy experience - if you ever have the opportunity to visit this part of the world, I would highly recommend it! XO Sofie

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The post explores the sands of Dubai along with Pinko, who has newly opened a deluxe boutique in the Dubai Mall. The images are attractive and are eye-catching as well. The Palm Resort was such a beautiful and decadent experience along with offering incredible views across the water.