Spice Souk in Dubai


I loved walking through the spices souks when I was in Dubai… such an aromatic experience! All the sacks were filled with the most delicious herbs and spices. Rose petals, saffron,…  just name it! My outfit was actually a little bit too warm for the sizzling hot weather in Dubai, but I loved this leather-pleated skirt too much to keep it stuck in my suitcase. After my visit to the souks I dived right into the swimming pool to cool off. Such a fun day! XO Sofie 

I'm wearing:
By Malene Birger leather skirt
Nanushka top
Veronique Branquinho heels
Saint Laurent bag
Tiffany & Co watch and T bracelet
Frey Wille flower bracelet
Marie Francesca Pepe ring
Nails: Put it in Neutral by OPI 


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