Bamboo Grove


One of my best experiences ever: standing in the middle of a giant bamboo forest with the early morning sun peeking through the groves in Kyoto. It’ s such a magical feeling when you hear the wind blowing against the trees and feel the soft sun on your face. It’s heaven on earth! Oh, and one tip: get there as early as possible. It gets really crowded with people and believe me, it’s looses a lot of it’s magic.  I remember it was boiling hot that day so I went for a long, flowy summer dress and flat sandals. Easy always does it!


I’m wearing:
By Malene Birger dress
Saint Laurent bag
Aurelie Bidermann necklace by Smets
Chanel sunglasses by Optiek Lammerant
Nails: Sugarful by Faby

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love Cannes so much and will be heading back there in August-such a beautiful place
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