My Surprise Birthday Dinner


There are those moments in life that are just too damn perfect. They're not necessarily big parties or decadent events; in fact, they're usually sweet and private, their perfection lying in the fact that every single one of your senses is blissfully pleased. The surprise birthday dinner my boyfriend had planned for me at The Grotto, a one-of-a-kind cave restaurant on Krabi Island, was definitely one of those moments I'll remember for life; the sound of the soft waves rolling onto the beach, the most gorgeous pink/blue/yellow sunset, the smell of the local cuisine and salty air, and my man by my side. It just doesn't get much better than that. My By Malène Birger dress (similar to this one, but slightly more formal), with its loose fit, golden applications and V-line cut in the back, felt comfortable and festive, perfect for toasting to the many things I'm soooo thankful for. XO Sofie

I'm wearing:
By Malene Birger dress
Elephant bracelet ( found at a local market)
Nails: Tea Time by FABY

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