Body hugging



I know body hugging –clothing is a thing at the moment ( thanks to the Kardashians!) but to be really honest, I always feel a little bit a bit shy while wearing it. It really ‘hugs’ every single curve on your body and you need tons of confidence to pull off this super tight style. That’s probably the reason why I tend to wear more loose clothing :) But once in a while I fall in love with a dress ( or with a top and skirt in this case) and I just go for it. The long sleeves of the top and the fact that the skirt comes all the way over the knees make this look still classy and elegant. Also the amazing burgundy color gives it this effortlessly chic statement! Hope you like the outfit and let me know at the comments what you think of the body-hugging trend! XO Sofie 

I'm wearing:
By Malene Birger top and skirt
Stella McCartney shoes
YSL bag
Chanel sunglasses by Optiek Lammerant
Louis Vuitton 'S' necklace
Tiffany T bracelet
Frey Wille bracelet
Nails: Nails: Vanity Woman by FABY

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