Photo's by Marcio Bastos and Boucheron 

For my second Red Carpet look in Cannes, I really wanted it to express the power and beauty of Spring once more, in line with my first look. And I think it’s safe to say that the bright print of butterflies and flowers on my slightly dramatic and BIG dress by Georges Hobeika definitely promoted this season in a very special way. While the shape of the dress, with a bandeau top and full wide skirt, was a bit traditional, the amazing cheerful print gave it a more current feel, and certainly made me aware of the butterflies in my stomach. :) As for my hair and make-up, I opted for a straight pony tail with a middle part, a sweet colour on my nails (Pretty Pink Perseveres by OPI) and darker eye make-up that contrasted nicely with the bright colour pattern of my dress. Since the dress was so overpowering, I kept my jewelry simple with some classic pieces from Boucheron’s Serpent Bohème Collection. I honestly could not have felt more like a princess... Thanks so much for having us, Cannes! XO Sofie

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http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/igOuPZ6JeUr/Strangers+Goksung+Red+Carpet… This dress is beyond perfect for you. You wore it well, just as the embroided dress. All those details! <3
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