Hello from Coachella!


Since it’s no secret that the Coachella festival has this incredibly cool vibe, it seemed kind of impossible for it to exceed my expectations, but somehow it did. Each day was a new adventure, including the most delicious food, pink sunsets, reunions with beautiful friends, some obvious celebrity spotting, and of course loooots of dancing and singing and no sleep at all. :) We stayed at the gorgeous Avalon hotel, which was taken over by Levi’s for the occasion, making all of our customized denim dreams come true. When you can wake up with the sun shining on your face, have an amazing breakfast followed by a morning swim, then have some personalized 501 Levi’s cut-offs made (with no restrictions at all: we’re talking patches and rips and glitz combined with the well known quality of the Levi’s classics), before heading out to one of the best music festivals in the world, you know life is treating you well. As for the music, the line up was really pretty amazing, and i definitely lost it when Rihanna jumped up on the stage during Calvin Harris’s performance.

Some tips for attending Coachella, if you’re ever planning on going: if you can, try to get your hands on a VIP ticket, since the benefits are truly amazing. It will make the whole experience so much more relaxed, allowing you to take a break in the most gorgeous rose garden or enjoy the many healthy food options. As for appropriate Coachella attire: while the whole festival scene is remarkably clean (mostly due to a no-alcohol policy in most areas, which has its downsides too :)), I would definitely recommend wearing a bandana – in your hair or gangsta style, covering your face – to deal with the desert sand. And obviously flats are the way to go, as they let you cover the huge Coachella lands with ease and jump up and down to support your fave bands.

I will never ever forget this experience and feel fully charged and inspired for the rest of our Cali trip... See you guys in Las Vegas! XO Sofie

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