La Boqueria


A place you should not miss when you’re in Barcelona: La Boqueria, the main indoor food market at La Rambla. This market is a real treat, almost like you’re escaping from the real world. You see fresh fruit and salad stands all over the place, live king crabs, butcher stands, spices, fresh juices ( for 1 euro!), candies …. Everything looks so colorful and tasty! I have two advices for you: don’t eat before going there ( believe me, your will regret it big time) and be sure to set aside at least a whole morning or afternoon ( I lost myself for almost 3 hours!). Mmm… please take me back!!  

I'm wearing:
Top & skirt: M Missoni
Bag: Louboutin
Bracelet: Cooee
Sunglasses: Chanel  

 Nailpolish: 4 in the morning + matte topcoat by OPI 

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