La Sagrada Familia


First thing on my  to do list in Barcelona was Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. I visited it years ago but unfortuntaly I couldn’t really remember any details... so it was time for another sightseeing! The cathedral is still under construction ( after more than 100 years!) but that didn’t stop all those thousands of tourists snapping away pictures in front of the monument ( myself included, haha!). I really wanted to go inside of the church but waiting in long lines for hours in the burning sun wasn’t really my idea of a good time ( as I was only there for a mini city trip). So we went for tapas and sangria instead :) But I promised myself to come back very VERY soon .... 

I'm wearing:
Dress: Mauro Grifoni via ENES
Jacket: Luv AJ
Bag: Rika
Shoes: Marciano
 Nailpolish: 4 in the morning + matte topcoat by OPI 
Sunglasses: Chanel 

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