I'm so excited to finally share my SANUI keychains collection with you all!! :) I honestly can't even begin to explain what it means to me to be expanding our line with these beauties. You guys already know about my obsession with accessories that can give any outfit a bit of an edge and take it to the next level. Well, I created these keychains with exactly that in mind: they're handmade of the softest leather, for a beautiful durable piece that celebrates a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Just as with the SANUI jewelry, we decided to focus on an ombre colouring scheme (I'm obsessed with it!).We created 4 versions to go with each and every possible mood and look: our Silver Fox (super classy) and Golden Hour (ultimately chique) keychains represent timeless sophistication, while our Pink Powder (cheerful & girly) and Purple Fix (poppy and tomboy) keychains are perfect for those occasions when you just feel so damn happy. :) To make them extra versatile, we added 2 different clasps, so you can add them to just about everything in your closet that could you a little somethin' somethin'. Can't wait to show you my fave ways to style these gems soon! Hope you like! :)

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