sleek bob cut
sleek bob cut

Aaaah is there anything better than a fresh haircut?? :) You guys know I had been in the market for a new cut since forever, so this weekend I finally went for it! I had been collecting my fave hair inspo all around, and eventually picked out a sleek bob cut as my absolute fave (among others sported by Kim K)! Off I went to my forever favourite hair salon in Antwerp, L'Atelier Geraud, to chop off almost 15 cm of my hair! I also picked out a lighter shade of blonde, perfect to brighten these dreary Winter days and liven up my looks a different way. I love the result so much! :) I was a bit worried about being willing & able to style it myself (I'm pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my hair), but so far it has worked out super great. I can't wait to pair it with all my Fashion Week looks in NYC and Paris next month, so make sure to stay tuned! :)


What do you guys think? Are you a fan of the sleek bob cut? Don't you think a fresh haircut is the best way to start a new year?

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