You guys, it's already the last Friday of the year!! This week has been full of Holiday treats (gotta enjoy them while you can!), including lots of yummy treats and soaking up that wonderful end of the year atmosphere in the city. I have some really exciting news to share with you guys next week, that honestly gives me butterflies to my stomach... In the meantime, I'll be sharing my 2016 highlights tomorrow, so make sure to check back for that! :) Have a happy NYE weekend, everyone!

1 / Taking a hot-chocolate-and-pie break at Dellafaille bakery.

2 / Have you already been to this cool curiosity shop? I loved the framed butterflies so much!

3 / Coffee, neutrals and a pop of colour.

4 / Must-buy at the Mercado food hall: a bubble waffle with whipped cream, smarties and marshmallows!

5 / My golden hometown...

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