We knew sneakers were going to be a big hit this Summer, and sure enough, they're undoubtedly among the street style stars' current preferred footwear (together with babouche slippers and mules, of course)! And given their delicious tomboy vibe and insane general comfort, we're pretty sure they're here to stay. So gear up and bring out your favourite sporty flats, because here are 4 super cute ways to style your sneakers this Summer!


style your sneakers

There's something inherently fresh about a dress-&-sneaker combo, especially if said dress is quite polished - you know, made from a rich silky fabric, with a classic over-the-knee cut or pretty pattern. It's the perfect way to, eh, dress down your look and allows you to go all the way with this Summer's hottest accessories (such as an oversized bow, statement earrings or metallic bag) without looking 'too much'!


style your sneakers

While pairing heels with a mini skirt always holds the risk of looking slightly tacky, this is fully overcome by adding sporty sneakers. In fact, it's one of the cutest ways to wear your minis this season, whether it's a boarding-school-navy-blue pleated skirt, a sturdy pink deux-pièce or a big sleeved mini dress. To complete your outfit, keep your accessories simple, with a neutral miniature bag and black oversized sunnies.


style your sneakers

I've never been opposed to oversized pieces, particularly when they come as a fresh spin on timeless classics, such as a blue-&-white striped shirt, neutral skirt and poncho, or loose-fit trousers. Sneakers are the perfect way to complement the exerted tomboy vibe, either with dirty Chuck Taylor's, lived-in Adidas Superstars or chunky slip-ons!


style your sneakers

I'll be the first to admit that socks in sneakers hold a clear hipster-alert!-risk, but if you do it right, it's one of the cutest on trend ways to style your sneakers this Summer! Do it the Jane Fonda-way by hinting at the '70s leg warmers' hype and pair your sneaks+socks with cut-off shorts and a simple tee. Or go even bolder and embrace the mixed prints trend, by mixing & matching printed tights, a breezy dress and sneakers in the same colour scheme (essential to not end up with a very weird look!). Finally, little ankle socks never hurt anyone, especially if they come with a deconstructed denim wrap skirt and chic printed blouse.


What's your favourite way to style your sneakers this Summer? I'll definitely do the fancy dress thing, and I might embrace the mini skirt combo on a hot Summer day! :)


Pictures via Style du Monde, Elle UK & Harper's Bazaar

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