My home office is a very important space for me. Located in my beloved dressing (gotta stay close to the shoes!), it's where I spend most of my time when I'm not traveling. But after clearing out my second dressing for the baby room, I realised it desperately needs a fix-up! Nothing too dramatic, just a few simple tweaks to make it feel fresh and inspiring again. I'm always amazed with what a few new pieces of furniture or a fresh coat of paint can do, so I've been browsing through all kinds of sources to select my favourite styles. I've narrowed it down to these 4 so far, but I'm super curious to hear which one is your fave! :) Here goes:


Though our house isn't quite as big as the ones pictured above, it has some beautiful authentic details (hardwood floors, panelled walls, mantelpieces) that made me fall in love with it when we first saw it. This style might feel a bit 'heavy' in some spaces, but I do like the classic vibe of a leather desk chair and dark wooden table. And there's always pink to add a splash of colour!

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The fact is that I don't have that much space for my desk (looking at you, wall of shoes!), so I might be forced to at least consider a smaller desk, with some greens to make the room feel fresh. I never considered putting a rounded mirror on my desk, but I think it's such a smart addition to make the room appear bigger! (though I wouldn't put it directly in front of my face, of course :)) Also: going with a lamp on the floor instead of your desk is a simple way to save some of the precious space.

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While I think a fully industrial room tends to feel a bit cold, I like the idea of industrial details, such as copper lamp shades, a marble or concrete desk top or a futuristic chair. It adds a modern touch and prevents your room from feeling a bit too rustic (always something to consider when you have hardwood floors).

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As you know, I love bringing nature into our home, and especially for my home office, I think that greens have a very relaxing effect. If you can't put your desk near a window, make sure you bring in a big low-maintenance plant or dried flowers! I also adore the little leaf-y garland pictured above; such a sweet way to stimulate dreaming about long walks in the woods while at work! :)

photo credit: 1, 2, 3


I'd really love to hear which one is your fave? I'm very much in love with the monumental pink mantelpiece, and the industrial vibe! :)

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Monumental is definitely my favorite design concept of the four, but I definitely think you could take the things you like about all of them and incorporate them into your smaller space. For instance, lots of pieces in the monumental category are very ornate and grandiose, but I think adding modern furniture and some greenery would work well and would make your office very personal while still accommodating its small size. I would love to have a space with those gorgeous paneled walls and detailed mantlepieces, so I would definitely opt to highlight those little Parisian touches. Can't wait to
Hey Emily! Yes, such a great point of view! I think adding a few modern touches makes the monumental style stand out even better, so I'll definitely try to incorporate that. ;) x
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