Rio de Janeiro & Búzios
Rio de Janeiro & Búzios
Rio de Janeiro & Búzios
Rio de Janeiro & Búzios
Rio de Janeiro & Búzios
Rio de Janeiro & Búzios
Rio de Janeiro & Búzios
Rio de Janeiro & Búzios
Rio de Janeiro & Búzios

I'm not going to lie: it's not too shabby to have a Brazilian baby daddy. :) From our very first trip to Marcio's beautiful native country on (only a couple of months after we started dating!) I fell in love with Brazil. The upbeat people, coconut-y smells, pristine beaches, balmy temperatures, and delicious food - what's there not to like! It's become an annual tradition to escape the harsh Belgian Winter and spend the Holidays in sunny Brazil with Marcio's family, and I love to explore a new part of the country every time we go.

But first things first: we met up with my sweet in-laws in my beloved Rio de Janeiro. Nothing beats waking up overlooking Ipanema Beach, so we were super perked with our stay at the Sofitel Ipanema hotel. Of course, I fell in love (again!) with their breakfast of fresh fruits, light tapioca pancakes with leite condensado (condensed milk), and fluffy pao de queijo (mini cheese balls). I seriously had it every single day. :) Since it was the Summer season there (that means HOT temperatures), we really went all out with the chilling: after breakfast we took our ritual morning dip in the rooftop pool, followed by lunch in the city (usually ice cream) and beach time. The good life! :)

After a few days in Rio, we decided to switch off our phones (felt so good!) and drift off to the nearby peninsula Búzios, following in the footsteps of none less than Brigitte Bardot, who put this picture perfect paradise first on the map. And you guys, it was so beautiful! I actually cracked up when I saw the amount of coconuts in our pictures, but that's basically all we did: dipping our feet in the sand & crystal clear water, sipping fresh coconut water, catching up on our fave magazines, and soaking up the sun. If you're looking to escape the brutal European Winter, this is definitely one spot to put on your radar. O Brazil, you're too good to be true...


Have you been to any sunny paradise destinations recently? Any other bucket list spots that I should visit soon? :)

Find all the outfit details on my Instagram @sofievalkiers!

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