This past week has been all about finding a routine with our baby boy that works, despite the short nights and countless overwhelming feelings that come with being a new parent. We've been getting so many sweet reactions to Gabriel's introduction, as well as the nicest visits from my dearest friends & family, so together with the balmy weather that's been happening around here, it's been a really good week. I look forward to slowly getting back to finding a work routine too, fully inspired by the ever changing world of fashion & beauty, with these 3 things right at the top of my list: the newest colour to spice up your Summer outfits (literally flattering for everyone!), a delicious online shop that sells real Japanese fashion (and it's ridiculously affordable!), and a food trend that's all about making your at-home ice cream game look absolutely flawless. Have a sunny weekend, everyone!




Now that hot pink has had its glory moment, it's time for its subdued sister to take over: yes, purple is the newest colour to spice up your Summer outfits! Whether it's the deep rich version (that looks so sophisticated with bright red and navy blue!) or fresh lilac version (especially cute with white), it's the no. 1 shade to include into your styling right now. This is not to say you should go full-on Power Ranger and adopt an all-purple look, but a miniature drawstring bag, velvet pumps, embellished mules or even just a purple manicure will totally do the trick!

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Ever since the Japanese trend came up (I'm thinking delicate floral patterns & kimonos, of course!) I've been on the lookout for the real deal, inspired by my very memorable kimono shopping trip back in Tokyo. And when I came across the stunning selection from the online Hej/Project shop, I knew I had found the holy grail. It offers the nicest (and super affordable!) selection of neon shirts, wide-legged trousers, cut-out jeans, and kimono dresses - perfect to adopt this trend in a real and creative way...

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It's no secret that I'm a big fan of ice cream (proof and proof), so I always always always have a well curated selection of my favourite flavours in my freezer. And while I used to rely on simple bowls that have been on rotation since forever, I'm really into the idea of upping my at-home ice cream game by investing in these pretty Onyx ice pop molds, Sir Madam brass scoop, Sin pastel cone-shaped cups, or Siren Song hand-carved horn spoons. I bet it's going to make every flavour taste even better!

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