Now that the days are really getting shorter, colder, and more grey (charming, right?), I kinda feel like a throwback to sun-drenched hot NYC days. :) During our most recent stay in the Big Apple we decided to zoom out from all the NYFW craze, and go back to nature. I think Central Park is truly amazing; it's got so many corners and cute spots! We rented a little boat at the Loeb Boat House (for only $15 it's probably one of the cheapest activities in all of NYC :)) and had so much fun rowing away on the calm waters, underneath the lush trees, taking in the gorgeous city views from another side. Marcio totally got into it, so I had to do nothing but sit back and relax. :) It was such a sweet afternoon, and I'd totally recommend it if you'd like to experience the city in a different way!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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