After exploring the hottest places to visit and yummiest things to eat & drink this Summer, the next part in our Summer 17 mini series is all about beauty! Because apart from those timeless beauty hacks that return every single year (highly protective natural sunscreen and a refreshing face mist duh), there are some super cute seasonal trends in the land of hair, make-up and skincare that just popped on our radars, and will make this particular Summer that more adventurous. First up in our Summer 17 beauty list: make-up & skincare multitaskers, that will make your sun-kissed skin look amazing and your suitcase that much lighter!


Summer 17 beauty

Summer 17 beauty

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Beauty multitaskers have been among my favourite beauty items for as long as I can remember, because who wouldn't want 1 tiny thing that can bring out the best in you in plenty o' ways, all at once. So you can imagine my excitement for this Summer 17's emergence of so many amazing new hard working beauty products, only surpassed by the idea of traveling light, or at least saving space in my suitcase for more shoes! :) Lining up my 3 faves right here, right now... 


If there's one beauty multitasker that's been hyped over and over again this Summer 17, it's this buddy. You can primarily apply it onto your lips and cheeks to give them a bit of a healthy flush (hopping on the lip stain trend, of course!), but as it's designed to enhance your natural skin tone, you might as well go crazy with it on the rest of your face to (we're thinking right above your brows, as pictured above, or on top of your nose bridge, underneath your foundation, to give it a little glow). Shouldn't be a problem since it'll adapt itself to your personal skin tone - you know, the way a really awesome multitasker does. And yes, obvi also obsessed with the clean packaging, what are you gonna do?


There's nothing more annoying than a harsh body scrub that dries out your skin and makes you feel stripped in the worst sense. This balmy scrub, including lots of moisturising ingredients such as virgin coconut oil (always a winner) does just the opposite, gently cleansing your skin from excess dirt while nourishing it thoroughly at the same time. Also: the delicate Moroccan rose scent is sooo good! Since it's one of my faves, needless to say it's all natural, with an emphasis on plant-based organic components. Just massage into your skin after a day of inevitably clogging your pores with sunscreen & beach sand, let it sit for a minute or two to let all the goodness absorb into your body, and rinse off. You'll be left with the softest baby skin!


Just like the rest of the world, I've been obsessed with Glossier ever since I first laid eyes on their yummy packaging, hoping so hard the products would be as good as they looked. :) I haven't actually tried out this concealer myself (but I will soon, since their products are this Summer 17 finally available in Europe!), but the reviews are so unanimously positive that it can't be but life-changing. Since I like to keep my make-up as minimal as possible while on vacation, this concealer seems like the perfect thing to pack to feel put-together without having to spend a ton of time on your beauty look. Contrary to most concealers out there, it promises to move with your face instead of caking on top of it - in other words, perfect for a healthy dewy finish that looks as natural as can be. Apart from covering up imperfections, it enhances and brightens your skin thanks to the included nourishing oils. A must-pack for sure!


Previously: 3 amazing places to explore (IbizaHavana, and the Japanese countryside) this Summer 17, and the yummiest treats to try (back-to-basics ice cream, fresh donuts & home-brew ice tea)!

Next up: air dried hair!

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