After lining up our 3 favourite beauty multitaskers of this Summer 17, it's time for this season's second major beauty trend: air dried hair! Rocked by many celebs and street style stars (thanks once again, Olsen twins!) drying and styling your hair with no heat at all has finally made its way to everyone's hearts, and as loyal fans from day 1, we did our research and narrowed down the 5 simple steps that'll surely get you that perfect air dried hair. Yay, another 30 minutes more outside in the sun!


Summer 17 beauty

Summer 17 beauty

Summer 17 beauty

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Ever since Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, aka the world's most iconic twins we always agree with beauty-wise, stepped out with combed back wet hair tucked into their ever chic coats we wanted to be in on the dream: acquire that perfect effortless air dried hair. And this Summer, it's really happening! Because after some (a lot of) practice, the beauty world has finally got it down and figured out the best ways to properly air dry your hair, without ending up looking like a frizzy dry-looking mess. Wavy bouncy shiny tousled hair-do: yes, we can!


You guessed it: air drying your hair isn't quite as effortless as it may seem. However, it obviously still beats heat-styling your hair big time, because giving your hair a break from heat is (especially during Summer) a great thing, plus air dried hair is the most delightful basis of your tomboy beauty look! And here's how to get it: 


Whether your hair is short or long, try to avoid putting extra shampoo on the parts that are not close to your head, as most shampoo will dry out your hair (which comes with making it grease-free, of course!). Instead, rely on the fact that if you soap in your head, the shampoo will touch the rest of your hair when it's rinsed out, which will suffice to clean it without drying it out. Easy peasy!


It may seem insignificant, but the kind of towel you use to dry your hair with right after you get out of the shower makes the biggest difference in how your hair will behave once it's dry! Instead of rubbing your wet hair with an ordinary towel, 'squeeze' it dry with a microfibre version (the Lisse Luxe Hair towel is a cult favourite by now!) to avoid frizz and breakage.


And talking about breakage: since wet hair is at its most sensitive it's just not the best idea to start tugging it with a brush, no matter how high-quality it is. Opt for a comb instead, and start with the ends (so not at the top). And if you're looking for an even cheaper option, comb your hair through with your fingers, which may not work for all hair types, but if it does: score!


While you do want to avoid weighing your hair down with tons of products, a leave-in conditioner and/or a wave spray may be the exact products you need to have that perfect frizz-free air dried hair of your dreams. Kiehl's Damage Repairing & Rehydrating leave-in treatment is one of my all-time faves to put onto my ends when they're still a bit damp and if you're aiming at a more glossy straight result. If you're rather going for those tousled beachy waves, Rahua's Enchanted Island Salt spray is what you're looking for. Just spray it throughout your hair after combing it through, and let it be. Doesn't get much easier than that, right?


Finally, if you're still worried about that frizz, your last resort is definitely the most effective one: after applying some sort of smoothing product (see above), just put your damp hair in a loose braid or bun, fastened with a seamless hair tie to avoid putting too much pressure on your fragile hair. Undo once your hair is almost dry, and roughly ruffle through it so that the created texture can set nicely. 


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Next up: natural lashes!

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