For the second part of our Summer 17 mini series, we're covering my all-time favourite topic, no matter the season: food!! You guys know I never pass up on the chance to try out a new food experience (most recently proven by my favourite açaï bowls in Antwerp and sweet potato fries in NYC), so every season I'm super curious to see what's hot & happening in the land of food and drinks. And this year is particularly exciting, since there are a lot of yummy all-natural treats that are as delicious as they are good for you - just the way I like it. So put on your breeziest (roomiest) Summer dress and get yourself ready for some tasty goodies, because first up: back-to-basics ice cream!


Summer 17 food

Summer 17 food

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I don't discriminate when it comes to ice cream: whether it comes with a marshmallow topping, cotton candy wrap or as classic fresh popsicles, I'm basically down for it. But after all the freak shake cookie dough strawberry caramel cheesecake craziness, it was only a matter of time before we all started craving something real. Enter the newest treat to order this Summer 17: back-to-basics ice cream!


Made from the purest high-quality ingredients and topped with nothing but fresh fruits or nuts, I had an almost transcendent experience (I take this stuff seriously) at Cremerie Germaine, a sweet little local ice cream shop that's set up camp dangerously close to our home. Rather than distinguishing themselves by out-of-the-box combo's the classic flavours - remember chocolate and vanilla? - are out-of-the-ordinary because of their super high quality. The owners Jan & Glenn enjoyed their training at an actual gelato university in Bologna, so if that's not dedication, I don't know what is. And yes, you taste the difference.


Even if it's not your personal favourite you cannot but try a scoop of the pistachio flavour, made from (wait for it) fresh nuts that are only harvested every 2 years, to have the best possible taste. I also had the vanilla and salted caramel, which were all delicious!

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Next up: the hottest DIY Summer 17 drink!

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