I'm not going to lie: when we started to play around with the idea of doing a line-up of the hottest Summer 17 things to try I was kind of instantly envisioning the food part. :) Nothing could've prepared me for the yumminess ahead, though, because after my seriously amazing experience with back-to-basics ice cream, I had the pleasure of going all the way with the next treat that should be on all of your must-try lists this Summer 17: super fresh handmade donuts!


Summer 17 food

Summer 17 food

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Now that International Donut Day is finally catching on here in Europe (it's on the first Friday of June for those wondering, and it has actual historical roots, commemorating the nice fellas who cooked up some donuts to bring relief to the US troops during WWI!), I'm all in with celebrating America's most famous sweet treat whenever I can. And while I've never been a fan of the pre-made store bought version that's usually too greasy and tasteless for me, I fell madly in love with the super fresh handmade donuts I got to try the other day!


Coco Donuts in Brussels is as good as donut heaven gets. All the treats are handmade from the finest ingredients, including delicious options such as salted caramel, chocolate coconut, and lemon & poppy seeds, plus some typical Belgian flavours such as speculoos and cuberdon of course! So amazingly good, I swear it took me 30 minutes to choose! Enjoy with a friend, inside or outside on the lovely little terrace, and by all means: do.not.share.


Though I haven't tried one that I didn't like, I have to say that nothing tops the chocolate hazelnut and rose donuts for me. And o yes, don't forget to snap a pic for your IG followers, they'll thank you later!


Previously: 3 amazing places to explore (Ibiza, Havana, and the Japanese countryside) this Summer 17, and another treat to try (back-to-basics ice cream)!

Next up: home-brew ice tea!

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Ooohh ik wil al een tijdje eens naar COCO Donuts in Brussel, die donuts zien er echt heerlijk uit!!! Moet dringend eens langsgaan. Leuk artikel Sofie! Veel liefs, Sofie van
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