After our favourite Summer 17 hotspots in Ibiza and Havana, it's time to go back to nature for the last part of our Summer 17 Travel series, featuring the natural beauty of Japan! Literally everyone seems to be heading East this Summer, and we have an inkling about why that is and where to go for one of the most memorable travel experiences of your life. So if you're still looking for a relaxing spot to spend the Summer, look no further, 'cause we got you covered!


Summer 17 travel

Summer 17 travel

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The locations that high-end fashion designers choose to present their over-the-top Cruise collections to the world are not selected randomly (see Karl above), so when Nicolas Ghesquière invited the cool crowd to Kyoto for his latest Louis Vuitton show, everyone knew what was up. There indeed seems to be a huge Japan thing happening, and as much as I loved Tokyo, I must say I also really lost my heart in beautiful Kyoto. While it's still a big bustling city, the natural treasures are mind blowing, and make me want to visit more of the Japanese countryside, with the region of Niigata and the hotspots below on my immediate must-do list!


  • STAY SATOYAMA JUJO - Whenever you're feeling overwhelmed on a typical Monday morning, try to picture this simple but stunning hotel in the Japanese mountains, and you'll be feeling A-okay again. Only 2 hours from Tokyo, the retreat feels from another world, one that tells the tales of 150-year-old building, now housing a luxurious hot tub overlooking the rice paddies and a 3-Michelin-stars cook that exclusively works with organic local produce to make the yummiest healthy treats.
  • DO KIMONO FOREST - Since the iconic bamboo forest is, well, iconic, it's usually super crowded, and that's where the Kimono Forest comes in. Made from the prettiest Japanese fabrics, this witty forest is a must-visit for every fashion fan, especially at night, when the pillars light up and have a surprisingly relaxing effect.
  • EAT SHORAIAN - Japan is heaven for veggies, and this spot serves the most inventive tofu creations that are just as tasty as they are Instagram-worthy.
  • BUY AUTHENTIC KIMONOS - This is kind of a no-brainer since kimonos are one of the hippest items to buy right now (and perfect to complete your wedding guest outfit!).


ps: This was the last part of our Summer 17 Travel series, but if you want to know all about my all-time favourite travel destinations, they're listed in my new book Mood of the Day! :)


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Next up: our Summer 17 Food hotlist, starting with back-to-basics ice cream!

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