When I went to last year's runway shows I knew this was going to be a great year, fashion-wise! There were just so many vibrant colours, sophisticated cuts, and experimental twists on classics - perfect to spice up your day-to-day outfits and make them feel current in an instant. I lined up my fave trends of the year, so read along to find out what you'll be wearing in 2017 (it includes straight-up messages, next level denim and some unexpected accessories)...


Guess what? We'll all be wearing super bright colours this year, including neon yellow (this Salvatoré Ferragamo dress is definitely a fave!), hot pink and of course bright green. I swear that this prospect alone makes me very excited for the upcoming collections! And yes, it's 100% okay to opt for a monochrome look, with top, bottoms and accessories in the same poppy shade. Doesn't get much easier, right?


Whoever witnessed Maria Grazia Chiuri's first Dior show (and who didn't?) talked about this girl power statement shirt. So instead of dusting off your favourite vintage bands-shirt (so last season!), this year you should go with bold statements on simple tops - 'cause it's all about keeping it clear and simple.


I bet it's kinda hard to find someone who's not on board with this year's leggings trend, because hello, comfy stretchy pants! The time that leggings were strictly associated with, eh, ordinary streetwear is far behind us, as some of the most prestigious designer Houses out there lovingly incorporated them into their latest collection (how cool is this fuchsia 2-in-one version of Balenciaga??), so go ahead and wear those babies! And as always, don't be afraid to mix things up and opt for slightly off-beat versions with see-through patches (inspired by last year's show-your-lingerie trend, as seen at Louis Vuitton), crushed velvet (crushing (haha) hard on these ones from Y/Project), and stirrup (previously primarily loved by fans of horseback riding, but o so cute when paired with sexy heels and an oversized sweater!). 


If 2016 was the year of the bomber jacket, this year it'll all be about the parka! Slightly oversized with, yes, leggings and a cropped top (this monochrome yellow Versus Versace look is right on point) or your favourite pair of ripped denim (see below) and slouchy sweater.


Threatened by the popularity of leggings, King Denim knew it had to step up its game and come up with some really clever ideas; so this year, we'll all be wearing pretty next level pieces, including jarretelles (courtesy of Y/Project), rips (courtesy of Yeezy), patches, and basically every possible addition on the planet.


What was already hinted at last year will be taken to a new level in 2017: shoulders and sleeves will be big and bold with a capital B. The really great news is that there's actual scientific evidence that they make your waist look that much slimmer, especially when paired with fitted bottoms (as shown by Balenciaga).


Whether you like it or not, the '70s inspiration isn't going anywhere for now. If anything, it's going to be even more prominent this year, with lots of bold clashing colours and so-called wallpaper prints on clothes and accessories alike (last feature of the Balenciaga show, I promise!)...


The footwear of 2017 is going to be especially good, and when I say good, I mean simultaneously comfy and pretty! Instead of sky-high heels, opt for sleek midi-heeled mules, flat white boots (supported by Mrs. Victoria Beckham herself!) or sneakers with a little edge (a furry addition or this simple trick keep things from getting too basic).


Athleisure will be called athluxury this year, and the key pieces will be hoodies and baseball caps - equally badass and casual. Pair with a classic deux-pièces ensemble (as seen at Chanel) or laid-back printed trousers and your coolest sunnies.


The IT accessories of 2017 are a bit unexpected (which makes them all the more interesting!): an eye-catching phone case instead of a bag (because it has everything you need anyways, says Louis Vuitton), cute headphones instead of a hat. Done and done!


Runway pictures via Vogue / street style via WhoWhatWear, Harper's Bazaar & Elle


What are your favourite trends? Any of these you're particularly excited for?

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