Having a soothing morning routine is crucial for your general wellness, sort of showing the rest of your day how it's done. I really do believe that. And yet ... the first thing I do in the morning is (don't judge) checking my phone! I know, I know, it's the worst thing in the world; apart from hurting your eyes and burdening your mind with more than it can handle at that time, it feels unnatural and moreover, unnecessary. In short: it's bad all the way. It's just one of those things that has become a habit, like munching on cookies while doing laundry or throwing your beloved cashmere sweaters onto a pile instead of folding them and tucking them away, as they deserve. But now that my nights haven't been the same (due to this little happening in my life), for the past couple of weeks I've made a conscious effort to make my mornings as peaceful and restorative as possible. And guess what? It's a LOT easier than you'd think. All you have to do is incorporate these 6 things into your morning routine! 




It's common knowledge by now that switching off your phone and laptop are vital to have better nights and mornings, but for me, it's still such a challenge to really commit to this. I guess it's one of the greatest challenges of running your own business; I sort of feel like I have to be available 24/7, together with the fact that I'm always trying to check things off my to do-list. You know what I'm talking about: 'I'll just answer this 1 e-mail really quickly...', and before you know it, you've spent the first hour of your day cleaning up your inbox. I honestly wish I could expand my no tech-rule to 1 hour, but to keep things realistic, I now try to adhere to it for the first 30 minutes of the day. Needless to say it's made the biggest difference!



Instead of checking my phone the first thing I do now is hydrate, with my favourite morning elixir of ginger, lemon, turmeric and mint. There's something so relaxing about cutting the ingredients, boiling water and taking in the delicious scents, while listening to your favourite morning tunes (I'm very much into Kina Grannis's Living Room Sessions - a bit cheesy, but so relaxing!).



I know meditating is not for everyone, but how 'bout we just call it sitting on the couch in your pj's doing nothing? Doesn't sound so bad, right? I do like to get a little closer to earth and sit on a little mat on the floor with my eyes closed, but try to find what works best for you. If you feel too much like a wannabe hippie, just treat your body to some good old-fashioned stretching, to get your blood flow going and wake up your body. I like to open up my window (Summer and Winter) to breathe in some fresh air during the process - so simple but so effective.



I'm always always always inside my head. In fact, I'm literally being woken up in the morning by my own thoughts, spinning around in my head - from reminding myself to pick up cat food to preparing a client meeting and deciding on what we're going to have for dinner. The thing is: this has been proven to not be very effective. So these days, I'm trying to de-clutter my mind in the morning; when I feel my head trying to force me to make any kind of decision I try to block it by writing down my thoughts, so that I can deal with them later in the day.




As of a way of distracting my mind from making decisions (clever, huh?) I try to do at least 1 simple thing in the morning that feels like an accomplishment: making our bed, watering the plants, extra cuddling with Bobke, or making a yummy nutritious breakfast (preferably these super easy lemon ricotta pancakes or chia pudding with nuts and berries). It's the perfect way to pimp the beginning of a productive day.



Here's a little secret: I never EVER choose my outfits the night before. Sure, I get that it saves you some (a lot of) time in the morning, but the thing is: choosing my outfit is 100% based on my mood of the day, so even if I wanted to, I just can't determine that the night before. I used to base my outfit choice on the occasion (get-together with the family, client meeting, shopping with my besties,...), until I realised I mostly wanted my outfit to reflect the way I was feeling. This may sound like a no-brainer, but in any case, it's made a huge difference for feeling the most comfortable during the day.


What are your tips for having peaceful mornings (with or without kids :))? Anything to add? I'm really curious to hear!

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great tips! xx
Super goede tips! Een to do-lijstje maken in de ochtend, helpt me ook vaak om mijn dag goed te ordenen (en zo wordt het geen chaos in je hoofd ;)). Een lekker ontbijt of een klein stukje lekkere chocolade is altijd leuk om je dag mee te beginnnen. ;) Dankjewel voor je leuke blog! xxxxxJules
Fantastic colours and I'm such a huge mules fan! || ||
Great tips. Meditation is absolutely necessary in the morning . I personally do yoga . Thank you for the useful tips.
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I tried meditating and actually grew to love it!
Love this. Thank you so much, especially now in this time of uncertainty. <3
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