Words can't describe how excited I am to finally share the most amazing news with you all: we're expecting our first child! It's been sooo difficult to keep it a secret, and I've had butterflies in my stomach the entire weekend in anticipation of telling you all. :) I'm over 4 months along, so we'll be welcoming our little bunny in June (so soon, right??). I'll of course be sharing much more soon, but I can already tell you that it's been quite a ride thus far, with quite a few unexpected challenges. Some details for the curious:


June 3 - I'm so happy it's going to be a Spring baby. :) 


We just found out (EEKS!), and we'll be sharing it soon!


My closest friends & family have been so sweet in their reactions. Since this is my parents' first grandchild they're completely over the moon! Marcio is already super overprotective (so sweet!) and Bobke doesn't really know what's going on just yet. :)


We're planning on turning my 'second dressing' (shame on me) into a super cute & comfy nursery - a major closet cleaning is totally going to happen!


Dressing (and covering up) the bump has been easier than I expected; I'm not really showing that much just yet, and winter-y layers have been pretty convenient. Apart from tight-fitting pants and pencil skirts, I still pretty much fit into most pieces of my wardrobe, but I'm really looking forward to get creative with my outfits as soon as I start showing more.


Needless to say I'm already fully picturing our little family and all the adventures we'll be sharing - from picking out baby clothes to seeing how we're going to fit in our baby into our busy traveling schedule and the gazillion other projects we have lined up. My mind just swirls when I think of all the things that are about to come, and I can't wait to share it all with you. And for those of you who are wondering about the impact of this big news on Fashionata: as this online space of mine is a direct reflection of my world, the baby will of course be a part of it, but we're planning on keeping our content very fashion-focused - so still lots of shoes, but with a hint of baby. :) Thank you so much for reading - as always x big kiss

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This is great news! I'm so happy for you, Marcio and Bobke. Lots of love for the next few months. xx
This is fantastic News!! Congratulations to you and Marcio! I wish you a nice pregnancy and healthy baby! 😘😘💕
Congrats, Sofie! Can't wait to see how you "dress the bump"! XO, Emily <a href="">Epicurean Emily</a>
Oh zo gek, ik kreeg kippenvel van dit nieuws :) Super!! Proficiat! x
Wat super voor jullie Sofie !!!! gefeliciteerd. Je zal een super mama zijn , daar ben ik zeker van. En... je mama zal dolgelukkig zijn want oma worden is een onbeschrijflijk gevoel.
Merveilleuse nouvelle, beaucoup de bonheur à vous 2. Bises
Congratulations dear! Your baby will be the cutest, most stylish little bundle of joy !
awesome news ; very curious to see how you will dress these next months .. and as we are doing babytalk anyway .. a friend of mine just opened this beautiful store and information store ; you might check it out ..